Premarital Counseling and Coaching

Are you and your partner thinking of tying the knot?

  • Are either hesitating a bit? Maybe not quite sure?
  • Perhaps wishing we were a bit more secure in our connection?
  • Maybe struggling with the same issues over and over again?


You’ve come this far on your relationship journey together. I invite you both to ask yourselves:

  • What are our strengths, the areas in our relationship which are really thriving?
  • What are the things in our relationship which we do really well together? What are the areas in which we excel?
  • What are some crucial and important and challenging issues in our relationship?
  • What are our dreams as we move towards tying the knot?
  • What are some concerns? Areas of difference which need discussing?
  • What issues seem to come up, over and over again?

A relationship coach, counselor and therapist with over 26 years experience.

I strongly feel that most challenges faced by couples are opportunities to deepen connection, trust, safety and intimacy. 

I draw on research-based approaches which can transform your relationship in powerful ways and which can be learned and practiced over time.

Premarital Counseling

I invite you both to take some time to talk about what is most important for each of you as you move forward on your journey together. And talking to an experienced couples counselor and relationship coach can help in powerful ways…

Give me a call and we can chat further about your needs.

Give yourself a truly precious gift: the opportunity to live the life you really want. Contact me for a free phone-consultation and we can discuss what would work for you.

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