Couples and Relationship Counseling

Taking care of a couple or relationship can be difficult. Do any of these sound familiar?

“It’s the same painful conflicts and arguments, over and over”
“I don’t like the way we talk to each other – it’s too harsh and we get into these horrible cycles – we just drift further and further apart”
” The demands of the children take over – really, there seems to be no time for the two of us”

“I wish we treated each other with more respect & kindness – I sometimes feel like I just dont matter”
” We don’t  listen  to each other – we really aren’t connecting like we used to. It sucks.”
“I guess I feel hurt and resentful a lot of the time… also really angry.”

Couples and Relationship Counseling

In over twenty five years of joyfully counseling with couples and marriages, I’m more convinced than ever that many couples’ relationships suffer unnecessarily. And needlessly because all too often, partners have never learned the essential skills which make the marriage or relationship work.

Most couples are not out to hurt each other. Nor are they driven by bad genes. They simply haven’t had the opportunity to learn about what makes relationships work. We live in a culture which can be stressful and high-pressured. Couples are often starved of couple time. Also frequently too exhausted to attend to each other. Add to the mix, juggling the needs of children, a new baby, work obligations and financial stressors. WHEW! Coping with the details of daily life can be overwhelming for relationships. So too, the added hurt and pain of betrayal, infidelity, broken trust, illness, unexpected life transitions and loss and grief.

The Good News on Couples Relationships

You can open up new possibilities by using cutting-edge, research-based therapy approaches which really can make a difference to your relationship. These include:

* Contemplative and Mindfulness-based approaches; (click on)

* Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) ; (click on)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); (click on)

* GOTTMAN Couples Therapy; (click on)

Simply put, with relationship counseling you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

With couples and relationship counseling, you’ll be introduced to skills which will help heal. You will also learn to develop alternatives to painful struggles – new ways of approaching differences and conflict, which actually bring you closer to each other.

There’s a good chance that you’ll  go way beyond simply solving problems…

Instead you will learn fundamentally different ways of approaching conflict and working with stressful and difficult conversations. Also, many new ways of connecting more deeply and securely with your partner.

What’s more, you’ll probably learn that these approaches are simply essential for invigorating and transforming how you connect with each other, making room for a new, refreshing, friendship-supporting relationship.


Give yourself, your partner and your new family a truly precious gift: the opportunity to have the relationship and life you really want. Contact me for a free-consultation and we can discuss what would work for you.


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