Working with intense emotions: DBT skill-learning in Marriage therapy and couples counseling

While conflict sometimes happens in relationship, escalation can be harsh, hurtful and toxic.

It’s perfectly natural to have conflict in a relationship. Working with difference is very much part of any couple or marriage. Sometimes however, couples get into arguments and conflict which are harsh and intense giving rise harsh and hurtful words and behavior which can really injure the relationship. In a very real sense, this kind of conflict is toxic to the marriage or couple relationship.

Often couples complain that these escalations happen suddenly and that they are swept away by the emotional intensity. Sometimes the escalation takes only a few seconds. Sometimes the painful tension and hurt lasts for days and gives way to feelings of  distance and isolation.

Learn skills in marriage therapy and couples counseling which can transform the way in which you manage conflict and emotional intensity.

I often teach Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills to couples struggling with painful and unproductive conflict cycles. I also generally recommend the book ” The High Conflict Couple” by Alan Fruzetti – which provides an excellent framework for learning new dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills which can transform conflict and emotional intensity in your relationship.

My sense is that DBT offers down-to-earth, practical, research-based skills which can be learned in couples counseling and marriage therapy and which can transform unproductive and hurtful cycles of conflict in powerful ways.

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