Gottman Couples & Marital Therapy

With advanced training in Gottman Couple’s Therapy, I’ve used the approach eagerly with couples over the past ten years. What I value particularly is that the approach allows for partners’ learning and developing research-based skills and tools which can transform relationships and marriages in powerful ways.

The Gottman approach provides the nuts and bolts of skill-building and learning for couples which:

  • allow you to increase connection with your partner and increase affection, fondness and warmth;
  • can be learned easily and put into practice immediately and practiced over time;
  • increase your ability to regulate conflict and emotional intensity;
  • increases skills around repairing and healing relationship hurts;
  • increase resiliance to stress-producing day to day relationship challenges;
  • help your ability to negotiate together, working towards mutually satisfying solutions;
  • support clarifying values and dreams, committing to behavior and action in support of these values and dreams.

Give yourself, your partner and your new family a truly precious gift: the opportunity to have the relationship and life you really want. Contact me for a free-consultation and we can discuss what would work for you.


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