Individual Therapy and Counseling

Life’s challenges can be really difficult, overwhelming and painful. Changes can be sudden, unexpected and unplanned. You might be completely unprepared. Perhaps overwhelmed and exhausted, finding yourself struggling on as best as you can.

Life’s circumstances can leave one feeling desperate and helpless, not knowing where to turn. Individual therapy and counseling can help!

Individual therapy and counseling offers powerful tools.

Learn to deal more effectively with life’s challenges. These might include:

  • wanting more creativity, purpose and even joy in your life;
  • dealing with depressive episodes;
  • wanting a deeper connection with values, committed action and connecting with present moment;
  • coping with challenging emotional states like Anxiety – this might include social anxiety and shyness, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, panic episodes and phobias;
  • working with depletion, imbalance and burnout;
  • Life transitions and loss and grief;
  • Relationship challenges;
  • Recovering from addictive behaviors and chemical dependency.

Give yourself a truly precious gift through individual therapy: the opportunity to live the life you really want.

Contact me for a free phone-consultation and we can discuss what would work for you. Review tools used in individual therapy and counseling.

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