New Parent Counseling and Coaching

I remember a newly parenting couple complaining to me: ” Of course we love little Sarah – she’s adorable. But we are so exhausted and drained, we’ve got no energey for ourselves, let alone each other. And this is only the beginning…”

New babies impacts on a relationship in powerful ways. Learn powerful approaches through parent coaching.

It can almost be as if the actual ground under our feet gets shaken. It’s also a very, very common experience for couples to feel, that mixed-in with the joy and delight of their new family member, is increased stress, leaving both partners exhausted and emotionally drained. And to top it all, the new addition to our family doesn’t come with an instruction manual on how to cope with the changes in our relationship.

Good news about parent counseling.

The excellent news, is that it is possible to actually learn ways of making our relationship stronger and more resiliant – even when we feel we have little energy and are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted.

Through parenting counseling you can learn ways to:

  • support & prepare our relationship for the Big Change;
  • to build affection, fondness and warmth in our relationship;
  • increase resiliance to stress-producing day to day demands of caring for an infant;
  • work together, working towards mutually satisfying solutions;
  • identify values and take action in support of these values;
  • learn to regulate conflict and emotional intensity;
  • increase skills around repairing and healing relationship hurts.

Give the gift of parent counseling.

Give yourself, your partner and your new family a truly precious gift: the opportunity to have the relationship and life you really want. Contact me for a free-consultation and we can discuss what would work for you.

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