Couples Toolbox Workshop

Successful relationships really depend on using skills that work.

In the Skills Toolbox™Workshop we teach essential couple relationship and marriage skills in a safe, comfortable and easy-going atmosphere. With locations in San Francisco, Daly City and Burlingame, the Couples Training Institute offers easy to learn, researched-based approaches for managing conflict & developing healthy, resiliant and loving relationships.

Taking care of a marriage or couple relationship can be challenging. It can also be a source of enormous joy, fulfillment, fun and happiness. The harsh reality we often are faced with is that the pressures and stressors of everyday life all too often sap our energy, leaving us feeling exhausted with little to no energy for attending to our partners. This becomes all the more difficult when there are children or work obligations demanding our attention. At the end of the day its often easier to collapse in front of the TV than to take the energy to connect with the person we once felt really close to.

Under these conditions, its no wonder that couples drift apart. Conflict becomes more difficult to manage. Problems become harder to negotiate. We seem to talk to each other less. Affection and tenderness seem to give way to us drifting further and further apart. Sometimes infidelity happens.

The point of the six-week Skills Toolbox™Workshop for Couples is to develop ways of reclaiming our connection to each other. Ways of reconnecting so that warmth, tenderness, affection and friendship emerge strongly. Ways of connecting so that conflict becomes more manageable, less hurtful and less painful. Ways of connecting so that even the seemingly unsolvable issues can be lived-with reasonably comfortably.

The approaches used in the Workshop are all based on solid-research & can be learned relatively easily. And they really can improve relationships in powerful ways.

Our Skills Toolbox™Couples workshop blends powerful, effective skills which can powerfully support making your relationship work.

  • Learning new skills in a friendly, relaxed, safe, easy-going atmosphere.
  • Not psychotherapy or counseling. The emphasis is on building new skills.
  • Optional Homework (encouraged) and practice with lots of support.
  • Privacy is completely respected. You are definitely not asked to share personal intimate details with other people.

You can participate in The Skills Toolbox™ Workshop in two ways.

  1. Attend six highly-focused, two-hour, skill-learning sessions. These are held during the week from 7-9pm
  2. Attend a convenient weekend workshop on two Saturdays 9am to 4pm.

COST: per couple (includes class materials, practice CD & workbook).
Note: This comes out at around $35 per hour, per couple ($18 each).
Lunch is not provided. Light refreshments are available throughout the day. We want to make it possible for people to attend this workshop. Please let us know if you need to discuss payment options.

Workshops do tend to fill up early.

In order to secure a space in the workshop, please email me
or call #415-218-4653

Appropriate forms will be provided upon request for you to send to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Please note that there are no refunds for partial attendance. Instead, payment is automatically applied to attending future workshops.

For yourselves, each other, your relationship, your families, your children and grandchildren, this is really a gift you can give by taking the time to attend. I hope to see you at the workshop.

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